Isetan The Japan Store @ Lot 10

The most authentic Japanese establishment in Malaysia with their imported Japanese items such as books, foods or apparels products. Their concept is comfortable shopping for the elite and in their basement, lots of typical Japanese menu for the dedicated food lovers. 

4th Floor 

Osaka Kitchen Teppanyaki

An authentic Japanese style teppanyaki experience, using fresh ingredients sourced from Japan, including the finest quality meat. 

Pork Okonomiyaki 
A Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. 

The Tokyo Restaurant 

The Tokyo Restaurant is a destination for contemporary flavours with Tokyo essence, where quality meets light-heartedness. You can even head to the bar and enjoy a selection of classic cocktails with a twist. 

Their signature 6th Avenue Cheesecake is one of the best cheesecake i've ever had and you should definitely try it! 


Using fresh ingredients that handpicked by chefs from the fish market (air-flown from Japan), you are assured of a delicious dining experience. Sushi is skilfully prepared by chefs to each diner. 

Tonkatsu Anzu 

Originating from Fukuoka, Anzu sources its premium Sangen pork locally. The pork fillets are aged for seven days to help tenderise the meat. They are then breaded and deep fried at an extremely high temperature (160C) to keep the outside crisp without losing the meat’s juices. As a result, you get a perfectly cooked piece of pork that has crunch on the outside and is moist on the inside.
Must try out their top quality Anzu's Ginjo Pork! Very tender and juicy. 

Using only fresh ingredients and an original blended seasoning, Torikin's yakitori brings out the best taste in its skewers, while keeping them simple. By all means, give it a try. 

Dont forget to try out their signature desserts - Matcha Tiramisu. 

Kushi Age Kinme 

This shop is Malaysia's first skewer deep fried shop which provides more than 30 kinds of repertoire-rich ingredients. All the deep fried skewers are not too oily or greasy. 

Ma Maison Ebisu

Meat is freshly selected and aged. Meat is coated with light crispy breadcrumbs and fried. The meat is flavored with natural salt mined from deep mountain range, rich with natural minerals. 

Kaisen Don Kinme 

Delicious Japanese rice bowl topped with raw seafood. Experience a rich variation taste of Kaisen Don as a various type of seafood topping is available here. 

Japanese Curry Noodle & Udon

Curry udon topped with a thick layer of whipped cream! It’s better than what I expected. Never try never know! 

Tsujiri is an established green tea brand from Japan with over 155 years of heritage. It originates from Kyoto Japan. One thing undeniable about them is their green tea ice cream which is really soothing and healthy as well.

LG Floor 

Featuring exclusively Japanese brands, the lower ground floor presents items and ingredients from all over Japan, showcasing the incredibly diverse range of delicious flavours and tasty local specialties available. 

 A vast array of specialist beverages including traditional Japanese sake, regional craft beers and Japan-made whiskeys, this section is a must-visit for any connoisseur or those looking to get a taste for Japanese sake. 

Traditional Japanese seasonal sweets, matcha green tea and international sweet treats developed in Japan are available for sale as well. 

The delcious aroma of freshly baked bread is guaranteed to draw customers from all over the store to this bakery section. This bakery corner is sure to tempt you to try Japanese bread. 

Selected seasonal fruits and vegetables are all directly imported from Japan. Japan's famed delicately flavoured meat are delivered imported straight from the farm too. 

The signature 6th Avenue cheesecake from The Tokyo Restaurant is available here to takeaway! 

Dashi Dining Saya 

Providing excellent quality of set meals at an affordable price. Their specialty is in incorporating umami, the fifth taste in their culinary dishes.