Chun Ciou Hot Pot @ Old Klang Road

Chunciou Hot Pot, the first authentic Taiwanese imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet are here to serve you the best from Taiwan. With 80% of its ingredients imported directly from Taiwan and 100% authentic Taiwanese recipe. It has a very nice and elegant modern interior with a touch of traditional chinese elements from the ancient times.

Mango Lotus Root 
Golden Kimchi 
Sour Plum Cherry Tomato

Steamboat ingredient:
Hot Sesame Muachee
Wasabi Ball
Taro Fishball
Sincere Ball
Curry Fishball
Cheese Fish Tofu
Cheese Prawn Ball
Premium Prawn Ball
Red Heart Ball
Mushroom Fishball
Premium Cuttlefish ball
Handmade Meatball
Pork Tendon Ball
Fish & Squid Mixture
Ham Ball
White Fishball
Abalone Slice
Special Tofu

Australian Striploin
Australian Ribeyes
Lamb Shoulder Roll
Pork Belly
Pork Shoulder
Chicken Fillet
Duck Roll

 Chinese Yam
Sweet potato
 Chieh Gua
Chinese fungus
 Bok choy
Yau mak

Side Dishes:
 Udon noodles
Glass noodles
Spinach noodles
 Beancurd skin
Tofu puff
Chinese cruller
Braised pork rice

Soup Base:
Lakesalt Soup
Tonkatsu Soup
Tomyam Soup
Spicy Soup
Herbal Soup
Sukiyaki Soup

The lake salt soup is pretty clear and rich in flavour but not overly rich in sodium. I would recommend this. On the other hand, the sukiyaki soup which leans toward the sweet side is more suitable for dipping meat, especially beef, as it can enhance the taste.

Bean Curd
Soy Sauce
Thai Chilli Sauce
Fruit Sauce
Sesame Sauce
Satay Sauce

There is a signature sauce used for dipping meat which can be customised by patrons. This signature sauce can be used to elevate the taste and texture of meat while lowering its temperature to tickle your taste buds. It's really simple and fun to make this sauce! 

Sesame Sauce + Egg Yolk + Shallots + Sichimi Powder
Mix it all up!

Red bean soup
Assorted Ice cream
Lime slices w/ brown sugar 

Teas (Jasmine, Pu Er, Green tea)
Soft drinks
Coffee and milk tea

Lunch: RM60++
Dinner: RM75++

Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur

012-688 2860

12pm-3pm // 5pm-12pm daily