LA/PA @ Telawi, Bangsar

LA/PA is another newly opened cafe located along Jalan Telawi. The name doesn't have any secret meaning. Just that it is an exact malaysian word from 'LAPAR', which means hungry. 

Outdoor smoking area seatings. 

 Seats aren't aplenty. Big bunch of friends could sit at the big and high table.
In between the table, there are cutlery and plants. 

Pastries, cakes, granola, freshly coldpressed juices they serve. 

Fat Buster with orange, grapefruit, wild honey and lime (rm 17++) It's really nice. Taste as tho it's really freshly juiced from the fruits. It is however, a bit pricey.

Crunchy Almond Milkshake (RM16.00++)
Vanilla milkshake, crunchy almond tuillie, one of their all time-favourites. Simultaneously, one of my favourite as well. Almond tuillie was really crunchy, The drink is addictive itself because of the crunch of the almonds and crushed ice. 

Lamb Sliders (RM35)
Housemade lamb patty with sesame seed brioche which serves with three sauces: cucumber raita, tomato salsa, buttermilk sauce and potato & sweet potato chips. One thing that attracts me the most is the the size of the lamb slidders. It's so cute as it's petite ! 
 The sauce I prefer most is the cucumber raita. 

Quinoa Burger (Vegan) (RM25.00) Quinoa and bean patty, housemade sesame seed brioche, cucumber raita, avocados, potato & sweet potato chips. 
It was quite disappointing. The patty was a lil burnt. 

The Quail And Herbed Pasta (RM27)
Housemade herbed pasta with kale & basil pesto and roasted quail. 
It didn't have a wow factor to it. Probably I'm just not a pesto fan. 

 15, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru,, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Opening hours: 8am - 11pm