Bmon Cafe @ The Strand

This place is so kawai OMGGGGG. The drawings on  the wall are amazeballz.

They put quite a lot of effort in the decor. 
The effort is much appreciated :D  

Variety of drinks ranging from coffee to sodas.

Freshly baked cakes looked so delicious. 

BMon Plant (rm 13.00)

Coffee drink with a dash of chocolate sprinkles, hazelnut (like literally the real nut) topped with whipped cream, garnished with mint leaves. This coffee drink resembles a potted plant. It's super cute. Taste wise: regular latte.

Cheezy cheese waffle (rm 16.90)
Cheese waffles with mushroom omelette, salad and steamed chicken ham. The waffles were very cheesy, yumm. I guess it's Cheddar cheese. Tho it's a bit salty, I still enjoyed it very much. It did leave me very thirsty tho. The mushroom omelette was good too, Just the right amount of milk to make it creamier. 

Hippo In the Pond (rm 14.90) **Limited serving**

Whole potato coated with bread crumbs, fried to perfection and topped with sweet corn, peas, cabbage, crab stick, sausages and eggs. Served with salad and cheesy goodness cheese sauce. OH GOD, THE CHEESE, This is a really sinful but so satisfying dish. Cheese makes everything great. Try it for yourself and you would know. 

Oh did I forget to mention that they offer 10% off for students. 
Just show your student ID and that's it , 10% off, how wonderful:D

Definitely a place worth a visit or even more.
Super cute cafe with good food and ambiance.